Ban appeal "yakasu"

  1. Minecraft Username: "yakasu"
  2. Ban Reason: Mob-Aura/Kill-Aura
  3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: Yes xray download (no killaura)
  4. Who were you banned by: "CakeSpace"
  5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: Because I didn't do anything wrong...and its a misunderstanding.

So the 14.09.2020 i farmed iron golems and i get banned for hacking, i think because i jumped weirdly and hit every second one mob with my carb sword. I know it looked like I was hacking but this is not true. If you dont believe me yet, i can reinstall my labymod 1.12 and show you how i kill iron golems. // The Link for the desktop because Desktop file is too large.
I screenshoted my download list in Folder and browser

In my Versions Folder i deleted an Xray 1.8.9 File because i thought i get denied for this file...and now i get denied in my first appeal for the date and edit from versions folder. But it was an xray file(not in use) so no hack clients.

As you can see I haven't downloaded a cheat in the last 10 days that know that I haven't downloaded a hack (i played a few days on the server...look to console..)

This server is really important to me so I take the whole thing seriously here and i wrote my second appeal and hopefully the last appeal.

I added the xray download (on 30 June)... the Download is deleted because i clicked on it.

I Have all logs from the ban-day:
21:44:34 "Labymod Vanilla"
you can scroll down and search hacks but there is no hack...

If my evidences are not enough, I can make a video call with you and clarify the rest if something is still open

Now I think it's clear I couldn't have hacked... I hope you will understand that misunderstanding.



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Hello yakasu.

You were banned on September the 14th, just 3 days ago and you're claiming it was an X-Ray file that you had which modified your Versions Folder on the 14th as well, after you were banned. From my perspective, you weren't jumping weirdly at all but your hits were very well timed and you were snapping between different Iron Golems instead of targetting the weaker ones which would get you EXP faster. That seems very odd to me.

I have no idea what makes you think I'm going to read 25+ pages of Minecraft Logs that you provided, especially when logs can be super easily edited. I do have a question regarding which X-Ray you had. It seems you downloaded 2, however one now has a strikethrough on your download history. Was it the .rar or .jar that you had in your Versions Folder?
Hello @CakeSpace

I've always hit 2 golems because if you hit all the time on one, you have a cooldown so I always attacked 2 so I can level faster.

The logs are not edited because the date is from 14.09 the ban-day and not edited look to picture nr. 2

The .rar file is labymod & Xray file in one Folder. But for this vid i used the win rar xrax file.

// Here is one Video how i install it and how you see there is the xray Folder in versions Folder..

If you have more Questions please ask me :D


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