Denied Ban of youslapmyass

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1 of his faction team mate where hacking and then I askd them they said I killt them with hacks youslapmyass ss me what is banbal if u not a halper after he ss me said I was clean but other kid wasn't know declines it


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Hello _Mokey_Boy_,
Please use the right format when reporting a player of which I have attached below. You also need to provide proof of the individual hacking. If you do not respond to this thread by the end of this weekend, I will lock it. If you need to DM me on discord with any proof you may have, it is AppleTree#5276.

  • 1. Server (e.g F1/F2/Hub/etc):
  • 2. Minecraft Username (of offender):
  • 3. Offence Committed:
  • 4. Proof:
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