Enderpearls are bugging - RiddaSport

It happened to me at least 5 times today, that i was kicked from the serves after throwing an enderpearl and everytime i lost my complete inverntory with full epic armour, crystals etc. because enderpearls combattag you and im not gonna keep playing if I lose all my stuff in PvP-Zone everytime I go there....so please fix it
That bug still exists and i am getting constantly kicked, wtf is this? Could you maybe fix that shit? I reported it 10 days ago and nothing happend, not even a reply....fucking do something i lost so many items now...its getting really annoying!!!
Hello RiddaSport,
So sorry that it took this long for a response, but there is no need to be rude about it. The reason why you would be getting kicked after throwing an enderpearl is because of the servers anti-cheat. I will bring this issue up with CakeSpace, although I don't believe there are any current solutions to it. The best thing for you to do would be to try and record whenever this happens so that you could possibly get an item refund. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the server.
Thanks for answering, but it´s just not an solution to record, report and wait for a refund because that bug happens wayyyy to often usually around 10 times a day. It would just cost me to much time and also you. And as a addition to the initial report, sometimes this bug also happens out of nothing, without throwing an enderpearl or whatever.