Entbannungs Antrag

Dear Pitforge team, I would like to apologize many times that I played with hacks on your server a few years ago, I saw my error and wanted to ask if I might be able to play again with a few friends on your server.

PS: I would be very happy

Minecraft Username: Crowdcraft
Reason: Hacking[Fly]


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Hello Crowdcraft.

I will be handling this appeal as the Moderator who banned you is currently unavailable to do so.
Firstly, I'd like to thank you for admitting that you were using a Hacked Client. You say that you used hacks on the Server a few years ago, so why are you now using hacks again on the same server? Surely you would understand that it is against the Rules.

However, as you have admitted to using a Hacked Client and seeing as this is your first punishment in this season of Pitforge, I will be slightly more lenient with this appeal. If you're able to agree to two conditions that I have for you, I'll be more inclined to unban your account. My first condition is that you read the full Official Server Rule Book along with any other Rules we have set in place. My second condition is that you assure/promise me that you will not use a Hacked Client again on Pitforge.

Please reply below.