Important Faction, Raiding and Base Rules

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Forenote: All server rules and allowed/prohibited mods apply both to players and factions.

Offence: Inappropriate Faction Name
Punishment: Faction Strike
Description: An intentionally inappropriate username, the likes of which wouldn't be allowed in the main server chat, in usernames, or on skins.
Appeal: First time offender only.

Offence: Evading Grace Period
Punishment: 7 day ban for each player who evaded.
Description: At no time during a Grace Period can you 'raid' a base, evading the server's built-in measures to prevent raiding.
Appeal: Can appeal

Offence: Alt Factions
Punishment: Faction Strike, Alt disbanded
Description: Using another faction to protect your main faction and its value/contents from raids
Appeal: Can appeal

Offence: Cannon Speed
Punishment: Raid voided, base rolled back, Faction Strike
Description: Cannon Speeds are 4 seconds minimum.
Appeal: Can appeal

Offence: Regen Walls
Punishment: 24 Hour notice to remove. If you have not removed additional regens, they will be removed by an administrator and a strike will be issued.
Description: There is a maximum of 4 regens on each side of your base. A regen wall is a wall which will automatically repair itself when damaged with TNT.
Appeal: Can appeal

Offence: Unraidable Defenses & Walls
Punishment: Faction Strike, Unraidable blocks removed without refund
Description: Any block placed which causes sand, gravel or other raiding blocks to malfunction. Examples of these are (but not limited to): enchantment tables, iron bars, cobblestone fences and enderchests
Appeal: First time offender only.

Offence: Rude/Explicit Art
Punishment: 2 Day Ban & Art Removed
Description: Any pixel art or other art drawn/represented in an explicit or crude manner
Appeal: First time offender only.

Offence: Automated Raid Checkers
Punishment: Raid Checking account banned for 7 days
Description: An automatic bot which checks to see if you are being raided
Note: Manual checking of a base (where a human is involved in the loop at any point) is allowed.
Appeal: Can appeal

Offence: Using Lava to Protect Spawners
Punishment: Lava Removal, Possible Spawner Removal or Faction Strike
Description: Using lava to protect any type of spawner. This only applies if the lava is directly protecting the IGs and does not count towards any type of wall defense.
Appeal: Cannot appeal

Allowed Cannons
The following cannons are allowed on Pitforge:
  • Left/Right Cannons
  • Pseudo-Nukes
  • Hybrid & Reverse Hybrid Nukes
  • Any Hybrid cannon which has a shooting speed of 4 or more seconds.
Disallowed Cannons
The following cannons are not allowed on Pitforge:
  • Cannons which cause significant lag to the server
  • Cannons intended to lag the server
  • Cannons which primarily aim to drop the FPS of anyone around it
  • Cannons which shoot faster than once every four seconds
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