Ich hoffe man erkennt alles

Hallo Pitforge Team,

Mein Ingame Name ist XTcycy.
Mein Banngrund ist Cheat-4D
Ich fordere einen Entbannung.
A: Ich wollte mich mit meinem Wassereimer nach oben schwimmen jedoch wurde ich andauernd von evt. Lags oder dem AntiCheat System zurückgebugt.
Und wurde dann gebannt nur weil ich andauernd zurückgebugt wurde.
Deswegen fordere ich eine Entbannung, weil ich erstens nicht gecheated oder sonstiges wie zb, Fly oder Killaura benutzt oder sonst was gemacht habe.

Ich wünsche Ihnen noch einen schönen Tag.

Bis bald XTcycy.


1. Minecraft Username:
2. What were you banned for:
Verus > Cheating [Cheat-4D]
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of:
4. Who banned you:
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned:
I tried to swim up with a water bucket, but the AntiCheat or probably lags kept on bugging me back.
Eventually I got banned for that.
I request to get unbanned because I didn't do nothing wrong. I didn't cheat nor did I use any Cheat Module like KillAura, Fly, or else.

Have a great day and until then,



Staff member
Hello XTcycy.

I have reviewed all of your Folders and one thing has arose my suspicion. Why exactly is your Mods Folder empty along with your Recycle Bin on the day you were banned? Your Mods Folder has a modification date that was the day you were banned which means you added/removed something from that Folder and since I do not see anything added to the Folder then it is safe to assume that something was removed from that Folder. Your Recycle Bin is also empty, so whatever you removed from your Mods Folder you also removed from your Recycle Bin.

Can you explain all of this?
Hello dear PigForge team.
I started playing with the Lunar client a few days ago. If you don't know what it is, you can google it on the internet.
Then I noticed where I took the Scrennshots that I still had old mods in my order that I don't need is understandable because I no longer use the mods.
Otherwise I can also send you screenshots from the Lunar client folder.
Sincerely, XTcycy
ps: I have attached a photo to you that the mods were so well just Forge and Optifine but otherwise that would be.
Have a nice evening.



Staff member
Hello again XTcycy.

I still do not see why your Recycle Bin would be empty if you removed those two modifications from your Mods Folder at the time you did. What exactly were you doing prior to being banned, if you remember?
Hello again
so i hope you understand me
I removed my mods because I didn't need them and also removed them from the recycle bin because I keep emptying my recycle bin because otherwise it takes up memory.
And then I got the message from you and thought okay now I've already emptied my trash.

Have a nice evening XTcycy.
Good evening, first of all, thanks for your feedback.
I got through Youtube for example. Haubna and Beni discovered the server and played for 2-3 days and then I wanted to swim up with a bucket but then I was bent back because I was placing water all the time and then banned that's how it is.

Thank you! See you soon