I think the bow-meta is too overpowered

yesterday, when I was in the warzone, I just got attacked by a bowplayer, and he oneshot me. He was two levels higher than me, but I think bows shouldn't oneshot you, if you are two levels below the bowplayer.
How much he may hit you for falls on many things, such as: Your health/armor stat, his bow stat(could be max or really high), the armor you are wearing, what bow he was using, etc;
The same could be said about the strength stat and how overpowered strength 2 combined with that is.
There is nothing wrong with bows, all falls on the things you have. (Stats, armor, weapons)



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In my opinion it works both ways, I'm level 65 and I get oneshot with the dragons breath by people 10 levels lower than me so I'd say the meta is even in that regard.
U can 1 shot with db too, with the laggs (Dont know if server side or my trash wlan) its impossible to play with bow, Bow ist strong , yea, but with the armor bug melee ist op too atm