IRL Scamming

Server: F1
Minecraft Username: evangelos08
Offence Committed: Irl scamming

Since our conversation was in german, I will translate it for you

[evangelos08 -> me] One last click then its bought. I'm still waiting to receive the 15 million from you
[Trisolar1s -> evangelos08] Oh, I thought I'll pay you after I received the rank
[evangelos08 -> me] Nah that's too risky
[evangelos08 -> me] it is real money
[Trisolar1s -> evangelos08] ok let me look up the rules for scamming
[evangelos08 -> me] what do you mean?
[Trisolar1s -> evangelos08] I looked it up, we're both not allowed to scam
[evangelos08 -> me] ok

So the deal was 15 million in-game money + 1 Iron golem spawner + 2 Legendary upgrade dust for a rank upgrade from Ultra to Mystic.
I gave him all those but never received the upgrade, he also logged off almost right after I paid. I understand that my screenshots don't prove that the spawner and dust were included in the deal, but I hope you might have chat logs or other logs that show more proof.



Staff member
Just checking reports now, I don't see 15 million in his balance and I was just wondering if evangelos08 possibly paid you back?