Is AutoClicker Bannable?

Hello staff team or whomever is reading this, I would like to know of autoclicker is bannable.
I want to use autoclicker so I can punch the air multiple times while I am afk.
This sounds strange, I know, but whenever I regular afk I get kicked after an hour for some reason, it doesnt say you've been kicked for being afk all it says is you've been disconnected from the server. If I can use the autoclicker solely for the purpose of punching nothing while I am afk and not get banned let me know.

Autoclicker is bannable you prob got disconnected because server crashed or went down, just set up console client to auto join and go back to afking
Autoclickers aren’t allowed. Also it could look a lot like Killaura or mobaura if a mod spectated you. Punching the air isn’t the only way to afk- make a pool or a jumping machine.
As for your “Disconnected” problem, it’s not because of the AFK kick. The AFK kick is 10 minutes. It probably has to do with your connection, or a server reboot, which always happens around midnight.


Staff member

yes, auto clicker is a bank able offense. Do you not have an AFK pool you are able to use? If an AFK pool won’t work, I highly doubt an auto clicker would have a difference anyway