My list of suggestions!

So, I'm making a list of ideas that I think should be implemented, if you are viewing this, please give me critiques/responses on these, as it is ideas for the community as a whole!

1). Allow default players to have access to 1x Sethome
2). Add a /f permission that toggles accepting Teleport Requests for faction ranks
3). Add an additional rank in Factions, something like Trusted, Co-Leaders etc.
4). Implement something like /f title to allow us to give titles inside of our factions (not visible in global chat, just faction chat)
5). Add /f announcement something that can broadcast a message to all of your faction members, with a ping message, and a screen message (like CP's show) as well as in chat
6). Add /f gift (playername) To bypass the gui
7). Add more bounties
8). Add bosses
9). Add something to do when you reach level 65 (Maybe prestiging)
10). Add Spawner Value as another /f top calculation
11). Add a /f outside or /f warp outside
12). Add /f warps with a permission and/or a password setup.

I'll probably make a new post later for more ideas, let me know what you think!
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I like these suggestions! Especially the prestige one.

As for #2 and #6, those are already a thing.

To toggle your Teleport Requests on and off, type /pref and it's the second in the menu.

Also, /f gift is already a thing. You can /f gift a crystal to one of your faction mates every single day.