Novasha_ / (txrminator) -Unban

1. Minecraft Username: Novasha_ / old (txrminator)
What were you banned for: Attempting Illegal Deals
Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No
Who banned you: Lunaxz
Why do you believe you should be unbanned: Hey i hope this okay Lunaxz if i do my unban now like the end of february.
So the first thing i wanna say is that if i got any kind of chance to get unbanned now i would use this instantly and play again pitforge. I will NEVER break a single rule again and i know i said that last time too so sorry for that CakeSpace i have abused your trust and that was not fair from me and i hope you can forgive me one really really last time. Because i would really like to play again with my friends and i have so much fun on pitforge that is clearly the best gaming time i ever had. for the reason i got banned is nothing left to say because it was just fair from the team and i hope a last time that i can get unbanned.
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1. Commenting on a ban appeal without providing useful information will result in a temporary ban from the forums. The first 2 offenses are warnings and will result in your message being deleted.
Doesn't matter if someone's a well known player or not, even Novasha_ would fall under the definition of a "known" player (even though in a more negative way).
Rules are rules.
(I'm talking about Forum rules, not the rules violated that lead to this ban)