October 30th, 2021 - Halloween Event & Exclusive Halloween Boss!


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Hey everyone!
It's that time of year for a spooky update, so we hope you enjoy!

The Halloween 2021 Event has now been released featuring a NEW world for players to explore by using the command /halloween and kill the NEW mobs who inhabit it! These mobs seem to be different than the ones you are used to in the WarZone and will attack without mercy!

This new world will be entirely PvE (Player versus Entity) meaning that PvP will be disabled, along with enderpearls & flying so all players will need to run around to kill all the mobs they can see! All mobs will have a low percentage chance to drop their specific currency which can then be used at /spawn to trade in for EXCLUSIVE cosmetics & items! Find the GRIM REAPER at /spawn to trade!

Let's meet the mobs, shall we?

Old Hag
This mob will not only throw potions at you, but cast a sphere of darkness to shoot at the player, inflicting damage & slowness!
Old Hag Preview!.jpeg
Pig Zombie
This mob is usually neutral, however he is extremely angry and will attack players without mercy, igniting players with fire when it attacks!
Pig Zombie Preview!.png
Decayed Corpse
This mob has increased power within the new world and will launch exploding skulls at any player foolish enough to enter its attack range!
Decayed Corpse Preview!.png

This is what you all have been waiting for, so without any further delay. I introduce to you... NOVIS!

Novis has been getting larger and larger from the start of the season and now he's prepared to fight any challenger so he doesn't have to go back to unlocking Crystals for everyone. His chains have been broken, so will you dare challenge The Almighty Novis? Head over to store.pitforge.com!

Let's take a dive into the specifics of the Novis Boss.

HEALTH: 8000
Searing Barrage: Novis launches fire from his head, raining down on players whilst casting more fire to burn players' feet.
(At least your feet are kept warm!)
Calling Backup: Novis calls upon minions to fight on his behalf, whom will not despawn until killed!
Inferno: Novis emits four flame points and spins, causing a flame inferno that is very damaging!
Enraged: Once Novis is at half HP, he will become enraged. All of the previous moves listed will change slightly and deal more damage to players!

Novis Boss Preview!.jpeg