Pitforge Reset SEASON 5.0!


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Hello everyone! Today the server has opened after the RESET! This will mark the beginning of Season 5 on Pitforge.
With this new reset, there comes many changes and additions that are listed below!
We hope you all enjoy.


Care Packages have been introduced into Pitforge! These will spawn once every 4 hours and have a minimum player requirement of 40 players to be online for one to spawn within the WarZone. We have created three different types of Care Packages, all of which have the same chance to spawn and have different tiers of items that you can receive!

Each time a Care Package spawns, it will be announced in the chat where it spawns and will take any player 20 seconds to open the Care Package to see the rewards inside, but be careful for there will be TNT exploding around the Care Package so be sure not to be blown up!


You heard this right, we have now added Mini-Bosses that are exclusive to the WarZone, with the first of its kind being the Forest Druid! This will be the first WarZone Mini-Boss that can be found between disparity 1-20 at their stronghold, so venture with caution!

This first WarZone Mini-Boss will spawn once every 2 hours at their stronghold and will announce in chat once they have spawned, so once you see that message be sure to head over quickly, as you will only have 1 hour to defeat this Mini-Boss before it despawns! The Forest Druid on death will provide the player who
strikes the finishing blow a variety of rewards in their /rew.

In addition to this WarZone Mini-Boss, players will be able to fight a Boss Variant in the Arena after trading Forest Druid Fragments to the Alchemist (Read more about the Alchemist below!) found at spawn or with /alchemist. This Boss will provide rewards to the Top 5 Players who deal the most damage, along with the summoner of the boss. These rewards are EXCLUSIVE to the Forest Druid!


We will now be hosting Monthly Tournaments for players to participate in and have a chance of receiving EXCLUSIVE rewards from. If you're unsure what a Tournament is, please check out this post here to find out more - https://bit.ly/3lcu10O

Each of these Tournaments will last 5 days regardless of the objective and we're kicking things off with the first of the season being the WarZone Infestation! Your objective here will be to help clean up the WarZone by killing all of the pesky mobs that reside within it, each being worth a specific amount of points.

More information regarding the WarZone Infestation Tournament, like rewards will be posted once the Tournament begins!

Zombies are worth 1 point each!
Blazes are worth 2 points each!
Vexes are worth 3 points each!
WarZone Forest Druids are worth 50 points each!


An Alchemist has made his way to Pitforge and he is very excited to help everyone convert their Crystals & Fragments! The Alchemist will be offering a Trade-Up of Crystals where you will be able to trade x5 of any Crystal rarity into x1 of the next highest rarity Crystal, for example; x5 Common Crystals for x1 Rare Crystal.

The next conversion the Alchemist will offer is converting your Fragments of WarZone Mini-Bosses that you may receive, he will be ecstatic to convert these for you into a Boss Egg, which can be spawned in the Arena at /arena.
You can access the new Alchemist with /alchemist!


Thanks to our wonderful build team, we have updated all three Capture Points to look new but still fit with the surrounding terrain, so a huge thanks to
8tBit & Lizvys! Check below for previews of the new Capture Points!

We have also added/changed a few other aspects of Pitforge, however you will have to check those out for yourself!

Capture Point #1

Capture Point #2

Capture Point #3

- New Cosmetics including Death Effects, Arrow Trails & pre-set Particle Effects!
- Added
Mystery Crystals which when traded in at Novis will give you a random rarity Crystal.
- Added new Bow, the
Spectral Bow.
- Added new Bow, the
Flame Bow.
- Added new Boss Exclusive Bow, the
Wisdom Bow.
- Added Bundles to the store.

- Decreased Buy Price of TNT by half, which is now $2,000 for x64.
- Increased Buy Price of Chicken & Sheep Spawners from $64,350 to $80,437.
- Increased Buy Price of Enderman Spawner from $500,000 to $625,000.
- Increased Buy Price of Zombie & Skeleton spawners from $450,000 to $562,500.
- Removed Slime Spawner from the Spawner Shop.
- Increased the Buy Price of Zombie Pigman Spawner from $500,000 to $1,000,000.
- Increased the Buy Price of Spider Spawners from $600,000 to $750,000.
- Increased the Buy Price of Cave Spider Spawners from $575,000 to $725,000.
- Removed Wolf Spawner from the Spawner Shop.
- Increased Buy Price of Iron Golem Spawner from $2,000,000 to $4,000,000.
- Increased Buy Price of Blaze Spawners from $500,000 to $625,000.
- Added Creeper Eggs to the Raid Shop for $20,000 each.
- Added Redstone Comparators to the Raid Shop for $100 each.
- Increased Sell Price of Bones from $16 to $64.
- Increased Sell Price of String from $27 to $64.
- Increased Sell Price of Arrows from $16 to $64.
- Increased Sell Price of Rotten Flesh from $32 to $64.
- Added Spider Eyes to the Mob Drops Shop to sell for $5 per.
- Increased Sell Price of Gold Ingots from $90 to $180.
- Increased Buy Price of Gold Blocks from $1,665 to $3,350.
- Increased Buy Price of Beacons from $225,000 to $450,000.
- Added Pufferfish to the Misc Shop for $1,000 per.
- Increased the Buy Price of Sugar from $36 to $100.
- Increased the Buy Price of Blaze Rods from $400 to $500.
- White Wool & Light Blue Wool have been removed from the Shop.

- Absorbing was buffed, it now scales the absorption effect per level.
- Savior was buffed, the minimum HP needed for the enchant to proc was increased from 3 to 5 per level.
- Smoke Screen was buffed, the minimum HP needed for the enchant to proc was increased from 3 to 5 per level. The proc chance was also increased from 5 to 10 per level.
- Blast Off was buffed, the minimum HP needed for the enchant to proc was increased from 1 to 3 per level.
- Tank was buffed, the proc chance was increased from 0 to 1 per level.
- Last Stand was buffed, the minimum HP needed for the enchant to proc was increased from 0.5 to 5 per level.
- Escape was buffed, the minimum HP needed for the enchant to proc was increased from 0.5 to 5 per level. The Speed and Absorption effects also now get increased per level by 1.
- Enlightened was buffed, the amount it heals was increased from 0.5 to 3 HP per level.
- Levitation was nerfed, the duration was decreased by 50%.
- XP Boost was buffed, the proc chance was increased from 10 to 20% per level. The base XP multiplier was also increased from 1.2 to 1.4 and per level, it was increased from 0.1 to 0.4.
- Pierce was nerfed, it now requires a full bow charge for Pierce to proc.
- Wither Skull was nerfed from having an interval of 500 ticks (25 seconds) to 20000 ticks (16 minutes & 40 seconds).

- Armor skill was buffed from 4% to 38% per level.
- Health skill was nerfed from 8% to 6% per level.
- Archery skill was nerfed from 7.5% to 3.75% per level.
- Critical skill was nerfed from doing 1.5x to 1.2x damage.
- XP gain from Iron golems was increased by 19% for melee weapons and 31% for projectile weapons.

- Butchers club was moved from the Rare rarity to the Boss rarity.
- Damage of all weapons was fixed (They all did +1 damage more than they were supposed to).
Wooden Stake was moved from Common to the Rare category.
- Attack damage issue with the
Antique Greatsword was fixed.
- Damage of the
Bone Sword was nerfed by 2.
- Damage of the
Sling Fire was increased by 1.
- Damage of the
Rusty Shears was increased by 1.
- Damage of the
Tesla Coil was increased by 1.
- Damage of the
Kings Sword was increased by 1.
- Damage of the
Dragons breath was nerfed. It now gradually goes up in damage the higher the level. Starting at 12 and going up to 17.

- Wisdom Bow was added to the Boss rarity.
- Damage of all bows was changed. They gradually go up by 1 per level.
- Common bows start at 5 and go up to 11.
- Rare bows start at 7 and go up to 13.
- Epic bows start at 9 and go up to 15.
- Legendary bows start at 11 and go up to 17.
- Magic Bow was nerfed, it now gets the Pierce enchantment at levels 2, 4, 6 & 7 instead of at 1, 2, 3 & 4.

- Armor Toughness was removed on all pieces of armor due to it giving players with Bows a major advantage.
- Armor values have been fixed. Before this fix all pieces of armor had their vanilla armor values added on top of the custom ones (Meaning that diamond armor had as much defense as actual diamond armor and leather had as much defense as actual leather). This created huge unbalances in the defense skill and all armor scaling from Common to Legendary.
- Armor values have been scaled by rarity meaning Common armor will give the least amount of protection and Legendary will give the most.
- Every piece of armor & shield now get the Reinforced enchant. This change was made to change up the meta and give players more of a choice as to which piece of armor they want to use. The way this has been balanced is like this:

- Common armor pieces get Reinforced 1 at level 7.
- Rare armor pieces get Reinforced 2 at level 7.
- Epic armor pieces get Reinforced 3 at level 7.
- Legendary armor pieces get Reinforced 4 at level 7.
- Pieces that already had Reinforced like the Tempered chestplate still have Reinforced but get the enchant at an earlier level.
- Tempered armor now has the armor values of Epic rarity armor instead of Rare.

- Bow added to the Redemption Kit with x64 Arrows.
- Added x1 Enderpearl to the Redemption Kit.
- Crystal drop-chance has been doubled in WarZone chests.

- Faction Strikes have been introduced, how these will work is when a player in a faction breaks one of the Faction Rules, the whole faction will receive a Faction Strike. These are non-appealable and will stay on the faction. The leader of the faction will be notified once a new Strike has been added to their faction. Once a faction receives 3 Faction Strikes, it will be forcibly disbanded.
- Evading the Grace Period will result in a 3 day temporary ban for all players involved.
- Adjusted the Cannon Speed Rule to punish all players involved with a 2 day temporary ban. This no longer voids the raid.
- Adjusted the punishment for Automated Raid Checker to now be a Faction Strike & 4 day temporary ban to any players involved.
- Spawner Protection has been changed from Water only to no type of spawner protection, including but is not limited to lava, water, any type of block, etc..
- F1NNSTER Walls are officially not allowed on any Faction Base. Any faction which uses one will be given 24 hours to remove it.​