PuffDaddyxx/OhHypnotize-Ban Appeal

Minecraft username: PuffDaddyxx/OhHypnotize
What i was banned for: Cheating
Do i have any proof against what i was accused of: No, i was banned by console when my game crashed. I dont know why.
Who banned you: Console
I belive i should be unbanned because i dont believe i should be banned because i dont think i have done anything wrong. As i stated before i havent been banned for hacks. i was swimming up water and my game froze and ive been banned. I just think this is completely unfair as i have never downloaded hacks and never will.
https://prnt.sc/101q2ha (New pc, dont have anything in Recicle bin folder.)
Please consider unbanning me, I would greatly apreciate it. <3


Staff member
You didn't include a screenshot of your versions folder. Also, your story doesn't line up with the reason verus banned you which makes me think you're lying. Do you have an explanation?
My bad, i didnt mean to miss my Versions folder, And i am not lying. My game had crashed while i was base fighting and when i had reloaded mc it said i had been banned. I dont understand why or how i was banned but i was, I questioned my friends but they didnt know either.
https://prnt.sc/104iogm (Versions folder)