Denied Report - Kemschi

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  • 1. Server (e.g F1/F2/Hub/etc): F1
  • 2. Minecraft Username (of offender): Kemschi
  • 3. Offence Committed: Abusing exploits
  • 4. Proof: Screen
  • He used a Iron sword in Warzone and killed someone with full legy, he then posted his iron sword in chat. I dont have a rec of him using it in warzone but ByZudix has one. He said he will report Kemschi too with the rec as a proof. Kemschi keeps using it though i told him its illegal and that its an exploit.



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You have 36h to provide additional proof/footage of that Player using the Iron Sword (for that you mentioned that your friend has the footage, this shouldn't be a problem).

If not, this report will be denied due to missing proof.
Not open for further replies.