Server Reset

I think a server reset would be great.
If the server would get resetted I feel like more people would come back to playing it. At the moment there is only a few people that actively play on there and if these are gone the server would be dead. Alot of people are already trying to get away from it by irling their items and gear for money on steam which is somewhat reasonable as there is nothing to collect that has any worth anymore. Special events barely ever accure which is sad because they could easily keep the server alive and fun.
Because of duping and alot of grinding aswell as just overall time spent into the server since the last reset there are just alot of level 7 items out there, way too many gsets and so on. Nothing really has a worth anymore as you can just collect things way too easily. With a reset that problem would be gone and looting in the warzone would actually make sense again. You would have to get high level items mostly on your own by opening crystals which is just way more of a challange than buying them straight off a player for money you get in a day or two. Also pvp would be alot greater, people would fight for something as every item would have a worth again and also the levels are somewhat even. Right now there are players that have been max level since months and the further you go in level the less people you can fight. It´s just annoying because pvp could be so cool however you are most likely to stay on a certain level if high level for a few days or weeks and in that time you can only fight a hand full of people without having to go to high disparitys and watching out for players that mostly don´t even have enchanted gear.
Another point would be raiding as all of the dead factions would be deleted and you could only raid new bases. Also raiding would be more useful because the items are more worthy and harder to get. Right now it just all seems somewhat boring and I just personally think a reset would be great and also help the server out.
The people that come back to the server due to the reset or perhaps start playing on here for the first time would be more likely to buy a rank I think. Also gkits would have a use again so maybe those would be bought more often too.
I hope this suggestion can make it through and a reset will happen within the next few months or weeks just like it did last year.
Greetings, xanax.