Some bugs I found out about during my playtime

Hello, my ign is ___xanax.
I´m currently banned, however here are some bugs I found.

The most known and annoying bug is that if you spam commands, you´ll get level bugged. Alot of people go crazy on you for being bugged when it´s not even your fault. I am bugged most of the time, because I msg alot and I can´t just reconnect every minute. When I do realize I have it though because someone tells me, I´d reconnect. Still, it´s annoying.

Another bug which seems to accure alot less often though would be an auction hosue bug:
Sometimes when you click on your listed items in order to unlist and claim them, they bug away. I´ve had this happen to me only once yet and also only heard of another case when talking to a guy who wanted to sell me something.

Would be nice if those´d be fixed
Hello ___xanax,

We are aware of both of these problems and do not like that these are reoccurring bugs, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find a fix for either problem yet. I still appreciate the report on these bugs and feel free to let us know about any other problems you may encounter.