Accepted Staff Abuse Of Punishments

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I agree with flodex, the chat was really dead as most ppl were either afk/talking in ally chats. It wasn’t messages in quick succession too
I am the only one who this is happening to seeing people double and triple chat. This could be because I insided applewires old faction a while back (All cleared up and friends with the faction now) and he could be holding a grudge. Proof of other people double texting and not getting in trouble or anything



Staff member
We appreciate the report, however this is definitely not the way to report a Staff member for either false or abusive punishments. If you wish to submit a complaint regarding a Staff member, I highly suggest you contact me in the future either over Discord or send me a message on here privately.

As Limp stated above, Apple was unaware what was/was not considered spam and had no intent to abuse his permissions. We apologise for the mistake and hope to not have it happen again.

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