Wieso bin ich gebannt???

Könnt ihr mir helfen

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Hallo! Mein Konto "Rocket_Zilla" wurde soeben gebannt ... Ich habe nichts gemacht. Ich wollte mich gerade einloggen und sehe das ich gebannt bin! Ich habe mir heute den Ultra-Ruf und auch den Krieg geklappt. ich bitte um einen entban da ich nichts gemacht habe!
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Hey Rocket_Zilla,

In order to have your appeal be handled we require you to follow the correct format listen below (We also appreciate if you could type it in english):
  1. Minecraft Username:
  2. Ban Reason:
  3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of:
  4. Who were you banned by:
  5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned:
Since you were banned for hacking we do require you to upload uncropped screenshots (The full screen) of the following folders:
  1. - .minecraft Folder (Located in %appdata%)
  2. - Mods Folder
  3. - Version Folder
  4. - Resource/Texture Packs Folder
  5. - Recycle Bin
  6. - Desktop

    Also tagging @CakeSpace since he banned you.
Username: Rocket_Zilla
Reason: Cheating/Hacking (Speed)
No, I have no proof because I was not on the pc.
Because i love this server and i am almost everyday online for more hours, the server is realy cool.
@CakeSpace you banned me
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Hello Rocket_Zilla.

You are currently IP banned due to the ban on steeldeadeye as xMichi__ previously stated. Yours & steeldeadeye's IP both match, which leads me to believe you are either that person or are their sibling. That is why you are currently banned.


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Were you using the account steeldeadeye? Your IP and theirs matches, as I stated previously. If you were the one using that account, purchasing a Rank doesn't give you an automatic bypass to the Rules.
Meine mutter hat das geld zurück gebucht, da sie dachte sie bezahlt für nichts da ich gebannt bin/war. Sie kann das Geld jederzeit wieder zurück buchen wenn ich dafür wieder entbannt werde sagt sie, ich wollte mir eigentlich das upgrade zu Mystic kaufen aber das kann ich nicht da ich gebannt bin. Ich bitte um einen entbann da das ein missverstänis war. Ich bitte um eine Schnelle antwort. @CakeSpace @Lunaxz
My mother booked the money back because she thought she wasn't paying for anything because I am / was banned. She can book the money back at any time if I get banned again, she says, I actually wanted to buy the upgrade to Mystic, but I can't because I am banned. I ask for one released because that was a misunderstanding. I ask for a quick answer. @CakeSpace @Luna


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CakeSpace will check this appeal when he has time, until then please stop creating new appeals. It won't make the proces go any faster.